by Fiona Hollis

Once considered futuristic and fantastic, smart homes are fast becoming the norm and regarded as intelligent house design. Home automation has historically linked everything you want to control to 1 control pad or remote – but now with increase in mobile phone power, we see home automation commanding its own area such as ‘Connected City’ at events such as Mobile World Congress, 2013.


BBC News Technology 25 February 2013

“Last year Mobile World Congress created a mocked-up house full of mobile technology that can help around the home. This year it has gone one step further with a connected city.

Here he explains what the city is all about:

A section of Mobile World Congress has been devoted to the ‘Connected City‘ this year, where companies can showcase how smart, wireless tech can have a direct impact on our day to day lives.

AT&T is displaying tech for the home, where an app combined with sensors in various appliances, allows you to control your fridge, house temperature, and lighting from afar – and even feed your pet.

There are also bikes which are fully ‘online’, allowing for the monitoring of everything from pedal power to blood glucose levels.

And there is a car from Volvo with its own app store, allowing – the company says – your smartphone to be integrated into the car’s entertainment and travel information system in a safe way.”

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