by Fiona Hollis

Do you like the idea of digital living? It is now easier than ever to create energy efficient smart homes with everything controlled at the touch of a button – no matter where you are.

Have you gone away for the weekend and left a light on? Have you locked the doors?

A sudden cold snap hits while you are out – adjust your house heating to be the perfect temperature on your return.

Reduce energy bills and transform your house into a smart home – a future home.

• Mood lighting
• Home Entertainment
• Security & Access
• Climate Control

Our 1st Step

We like to find out more about you, what aspects do you want to control?
Do you like the feel of a handheld remote with hard buttons, constant control through your phone or do you prefer the large display of a touch screen?

Devices Around Your home that can be Controlled:


  • Video sources– Satellite services, BluRay/DVDs, digital movies
  • Audio sources – DAB/Internet Radio, CD players/Vinyl record players, digital music
  • Display devices – LCD/LED/Plasma screens, Projectors and projection screens
  • Home protection – CCTV and security
  • Mood lighting – individual rooms to whole house and garden
  • Climate control – wireless thermostats, to under floor heating
  • Front door lock

All can be accessed and operation through the same interface, for ease of use and simplicity.

Myths About Home Automation

Wireless technology means walls do no need to be ripped apart and can provide reliable and stable connections for distributing and controlling audio, video, security, heating and even lighting purposes.

Digital living is not limited to the super rich – advances in technology mean anyone who wants to be In Control of their technology – can be.

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