By Fiona Hollis

Simply put – smart technology goes one step further than the average ‘on and off’ mechanics of electronics.

Smart Technology has interactive qualities which often grant the user remote control via the internet.



A great example of Smart Technology is the Nest thermostat (left). It learns your preferences from usage and is able to react accordingly.

Home automation allows lights, entertainment and heating to be controlled through smart phones from any location.

These are all developments that go one step further than the basic mechanics of ‘on’ and ‘off’.


smart phone

Smart phones go one step further than making phone calls and sending multi-media messages, they allow you to access the internet via apps or a web browser – creating a device which is closer to a computer than a phone.

The iphone was the first of its kind, but now virtually every new phone has ‘smart phone’ features allowing people to be online at any time almost anywhere.




Smart TV’s are TV’s which are connected to the internet via wi-fi or broadband and allow the user to access content online.

Apps, web browsers  and your home file network can be accessed – expanding the capabilities of your TV from one way receiver, to interactive user interface.

Panasonic, Samsung, LG & Sony are good examples of smart TV brands.




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