by Richard Leslie

For most, the idea of going green, reducing their carbon foot print and saving electricity is a good idea. People are happy in the thought that they are helping to save the planet and provide a better future.

Practices such as:

  • Walking to the shops instead of driving
  • Sorting your rubbish in to recycle bins
  • Not printing emails and choosing paperless billing
  • Buying local foods rather than those shipped half way round the world

These are all great ways to reduce your carbon foot print, but it’s in the home we do the least reducing of our carbon emissions.

Do you…

  • Take off a jumper rather than turning down the heating?
  • Leave lights on in rooms you have left?
  • Leave the computer and entertainment equipment on or, in standby when you’re not using it?


Saving Electricity – Did you know?

A mobile phone charger or an AC adapter for a gadget or laptop plugged in and switched on will cost you £15.00 a year if you don’t unplug it

On average you could also save £17 pounds a year if you just turned equipment off rather than leaving it in standby!

Manufacturers are are now creating eco modes, allowing you to save electricity by the device switching itself off when it’s not in use.


Take for example – the new BT home hub.



BT Power Save

You can save energy when you are not using your wireless network, for example, when you are asleep.

When Power Save mode is enabled, your wireless network will be switched off. Computers and devices using wireless to access the internet or your home network will not be connected during the times you choose below. Devices connected by cable to your BT Home Hub will keep working.



It is advised to secure and save all important documents as we do not take responsibility if you lose information or setting of your home hub.

To do this, follow the steps below:


google-pageStep 1:

Open a Google page, (to your top left search box)

Type in the BT number






bt-power-saveStep 2:

As below the viewed page should have BT manual Power Save, under the heading my services.

To the right select configure which will prompt you for a BT setting password.






Step 3:

Enter your password, and then select OK







step4Step 4:

For the option BT power save mode enable select YES.

Then set your preferred times for the power to be on/ off and select apply.




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