HDL Heating and Lighting controls


Ever thought of integrating S-Bus with other systems? We have the solutions. Using our easy-to-use integration solution, you can now control S-Bus via Control4. What is S-Bus?
S-BUS is the communication protocol of HDL used to carry out digital communication among a variety of devices such as Dimmable Lighting, Blinds, Temperature Control, SMS and much more.What is Control4?
Control4 is a cost effective solution for centralized control of a wide range of appliances. Click here to know more about Control4.What do you want to control?
With Control4, you decide what to control, and when… from the music you wake up to through to dialing in the perfect temperature, before you even get home!What do we provide?
We, as integration specialists, provide you with a seamless integration between the S-Bus components and Control4 so that you always remain in control. We have developed drivers for Control4 systems that enable 2-way communication between Control4 and S-Bus so that all the Control4 and S-Bus features are accessible via a single interface.If you are interested to purchase our driver, please click here.If you require further information, click here.


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