Putting You In Control of Our Technology

Let us open the door to creative, practical and easy to use technology in your home with our luxury AV Smart Home system. With first class products and a truly personal service, a world full of entertainment is quite literally at your fingertips…


While the technologies we work with may be complex, our role is simple – to make technology work for you. That means our team learning about how life looks inside your home – the tasks that take too much time, the entertainment that should be easier and more enjoyable, the security measures that could make you feel safer.


What good are words when explaining how technology could revolutionise your home? Our room design illustrates exactly how our solutions will look and feel once complete – mapping out where items will be installed, where the TV will sit, the CCTV cameras be placed, the light switches be located.

The Installation

We’ re going to treat your home as if it were our own – removing our shoes and tidying up after ourselves. We’ll work with precision and care – ensuring that the installation is a smooth and as stress-free as possible.

After Care Service

Following the installation of your system we don’t simply leave you to get on with it. You won’t have to work your way through a 1000-page manual, nor face late night Google searches in a bid to discover the answers you need. We’ll always be on standby should you have questions or need help in operating your systems.


By this stage, we’ve gained a deep understanding of how you live (thanks to the Lifestyle Consultation); and we’ve also illustrated exactly what your solution will look like. Now for this third stage – the final plan and price – everything is brought to life – when you hear, see and touch the final solution.

Stay Tuned!