After Care Service

We are here to help… for a lifetime

Following the installation of your system we don’t simply leave you to get on with it. You won’t have to work your way through a 1000-page manual, nor face late night Google searches in a bid to discover the answers you need. We’ll always be on standby should you have questions or need help in operating your systems.

Any issues should be minimal (our focus on simple, smart systems can be thanked for that), allowing you to get on with life (a life made better, by technology).

You can call or email – and we’ll always be back in touch within 12 working hours. Our advice will step you through the solution to your problem, in straight forward talk.

Last but certainly not least, all of our equipment is covered by a 24-month warranty, while our service is backed up with a lifetime of aftercare.

Stay Tuned!