Room Design

We don’t merely talk…

We show – right down to the very last detail

What good are words when explaining how technology could revolutionise your home? Our room design illustrates exactly how our solutions will look and feel once complete – mapping out where items will be installed, where the TV will sit, the CCTV cameras be placed, the light switches be located.

Homes are not sound studios, nor purpose-built for smart technology

Homes are places for people and precious possessions. Your technology must fit seamlessly your lifestyle, while merging with your sense of style. Aesthetics and acoustics need to work together, without compromise.

There are many questions to be asked when approaching each project – and the answers always depend on the uniqueness, advantages and limitations of your home.

Will carbon fibre speakers look right in your oak-panelled drawing room? Perhaps not. In that case we would conceal them within the walls or build bespoke oak enclosures. Do you like listening to music in your bathroom? If so, ensuring we can still provide the kind of rich, clear sound we insist upon is paramount, so if that means hiding speakers behind your Victorian roll-top bath, we’ll do it.

But it’s not all about aesthetics – it’s also about efficiency and the carbon footprint of your systems. On which topic, our solutions drive your energy consumption down, not up. We could set your TVs to standby whenever possible – or flick off your lights when a room is not in use.

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