The Installation

We’ re going to treat your home as if it were our own – removing our shoes and tidying up after ourselves. We’ll work with precision and care – ensuring that the installation is a smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Ripping up carpets, chiselling plaster away, creating a mass of wires…

There’s no need to worry. We adapt technology to people, not vice versa. Our solutions are designed for minimal disruption, simplifying existing systems and cutting down on wires and remotes (the exact opposite of what you may have imagined).

Before we leave…

You’ll be left with a single remote to control everything (and we’ll provide hands-on guidance while we’re there to show you how to use it). With this controller, you’ll be able to…

  • Control your set top boxes and media streamers, such as Apple or Amazon TV
  • Play internet radio stations through your TV or speakers, or connect your sound system to the controller
  • Download our free responsive App for your smart phone or tablet
  • Use the astronomical timer to turn on any attached item, including lights, heating and TV (subject to equipment installed)
  • Receive text alerts or email should any scenario occur (subject to email subscription)

Because life’s too short for complicated.

The fifth and final stage: Ongoing aftercare (for a lifetime)

Stay Tuned!