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Seasonal comfort – keep cool or cosy Stay in control of your home’s climate, with state-of-the-art technology that makes your home healthier and more comfortable. Smart Heating and Air Conditioning…

From light and bright, to soft, subtle and relaxing Mood lighting can transform the look and feel of your home in milliseconds – switching from family dining to a romantic…

The show’s about to begin… Forget instruction manuals, wires, multiple remotes and compatibility problems. These home entertainment issues should be consigned to the past. This is the 21st century, after…

Everything’s under control. Tell us about your lifestyle – your day-to-day – the appliances you use, the things that are sapping your time. Once we understand how you live, and…

Robust protection, for complete peace of mind. Home burglaries in the UK are rising, and rising (increasing by 21% in 2017 alone). Make no mistake – criminals are becoming ever…

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From beautifully brightly-lit rooms, to the dramatic backdrop of a romantic evening in, mood lighting can change the atmosphere of your home in a single tap.

Coolness in the summer. The perfect level of comfort in the autumn. Your smart HVAC system’s sole purpose is to ensure your climate is comfortable – all year through.

Enjoy music that follows you into every room, or take a seat and experience cinema-worthy movies. With smart entertainment, anything is possible.

From the soft glow of pre-dinner drinks, to the bright and breezy functionality of office task lighting – now you can switch the atmosphere at the tap of a button.

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