Sustainable, Low-Cost Heating for Public Buildings

Annually, 9 MtCO2e are created from heating the 50,000 plus public buildings in the UK (including libraries, churches, town halls). With half of these buildings not at a suitable temperature for occupants and refitting large buildings with alternative solutions such as underfloor heating, there are few alternatives to reduce costs and emissions as the UK faces soaring energy bills.

ISEM will reduce CO₂e by over 35%, resulting in an annual emission reduction of 3,150tCO2e per year in the UK


InControl-UK Smart Energy Management (ISEM) can reduce emissions up to 35%, heat your building efficiently, and save money. Installation is non-invasive, eliminating any expense from other methods such as pipework installation, and minimising disruption to the building. ICHS adapts to temperatures inside and out, occupancy levels, and intelligently calculates when heating should start to reach optimal temperatures for use.

InControl-UK Smart Energy Management (ISEM) is the solution


ISEM is already in-situ at our local church, who have been saved from 6am wake-ups to begin heating the building, and have reduced their energy and emissions by timing their heating systems to only come on as required. The system is notified immediately when someone is in the building, and more importantly when something is amiss with the systems. Our church now has comfort knowing that the boiler is getting to temperature and will heat the church ready for use.

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