Everything’s under control.

Tell us about your lifestyle – your day-to-day – the appliances you use, the things that are sapping your time. Once we understand how you live, and how you could live better, we’ll create a home networking system around it.

Automate your everyday

We can create an automated system from motion sensors, controllers, Actuators, Buses and Interfaces. Combined these devices can detect and monitor your surroundings (analysing factors such as temperature, humidity and light). All in all you can have a hands off, fully automated home that works around you.

Here are just a few of the possibilities, when you switch on to 1 touch control…

  • Control your home heating or air con by smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Boil the kettle in the morning, before you even step foot downstairs
  • Turn your oven down (and avoid crispy bits), from the lounge
  • Set your swimming pool to clean, from another country

Whatever you want to take control of, you’ll do it all from a single control.

Stay Tuned!
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