Despite the sweat and heat making it hard to stay outdoors, summers are the perfect time for a family trip to the countryside or an adventurous safari in the jungles. There are endless places we want to visit with our loved ones and summer gives the opportunity to explore them all. But the only problem with holidays is leaving the house unoccupied, for days. It might sound orthodox, but we all are worried about the safety of our property and assets.

While the police force in the UK is very efficient in their work, the possibility of any unfortunate event cannot be ruled out. The number of burglary cases registered in the police stations in the year 2012 saw a rise of 32% in average, with the figure as high as 45% in many areas of the country. But this does not mean that we should decide against going out on vacation trips. With some smart security measures, you can make your house resistant to any kind of theft or burglary attempts.

Contrary to the common notion, installing the CCTV cameras all around the campus do not suffice for effective safety precautions. It is undoubtedly a smart decision to have the premises supervised with security systems inside out, but they often do not help in avoiding or preventing any such circumstances. Instead, go for such measures which outwit the cunning burglars and help you get the peace of mind when you are away from home.

Some of the smart tips for securing your house are:

1. Automatic lights: The easiest giveaway of your absence is the dark rooms, all day long. Thieves look for houses where there is no activity for more than a day or two. You can install timer switches for lights which automatically turn the bulbs on and off at fixed intervals of time. Some might consider it as wastage of electricity, but in the long run, timer based lights are a better option than the conventional switches. These can be used even when you are at home and eliminate worries of switching the light every night before sleeping as the system will do it automatically

2. Fake TV: Well no thief or burglar would dare to intrude a house where people are watching television. No, you do not need to leave the television set turned on when you go. Get a fake TV simulator and place it such that it is not visible from any part outside, but its light must get noticed. It uses the power equivalent to a night lamp and can be attached to automatic or timer based switches to turn on and off at specific intervals.

3. No newspapers please: Do tell your newspaper vendor that you will be gone for a few days and that he should not drop the newspaper at your doorstep. The first thing the burglars look for is the pile of newspapers accumulated at the door and the rest is no new story.

But the most important thing to do after applying these measures is keeping a reliable and trustworthy neighbour in confidence with this strategy. So take the smart and adequate measures and enjoy your summer vacations without worrying about your home.

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