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Since their introduction, smartphones have been spreading their utility and outreach to horizons which the inventors would probably have never thought about. From entertainment to education and e-commerce, smartphone applications have found their scope in almost every field. Being handy, reliable and very prompt, smartphones have changed the definition of mobile phones and human life altogether. And now, with the rising rate of burglary and theft cases across the globe, there can be no better solution for security concerns than smartphone applications!

What’s New

The conventional CCTV systems were only able to record the incidents and provided almost no safeguarding against the intrusion. These gained popularity as one of the most reliable evidence in case of theft. But with this technology, the thieves also became smarter and it became difficult to catch them merely by installing Closed Circuit TV cameras.

Then came the alarm equipped cameras which are able to detect any intrusion and warn the residents about it. These also became very popular, but had their own limitations. One most prominent drawback was that they could not alert the house owner about the burglary if there was no one at home.

But with the changing technology and innovative techniques being implemented in the field of home safety, it has become very easy to gain control over the security system of any campus. Today, you can connect your home security setup directly to your smartphone using any of the numerous CCTV apps which work on all or exclusive systems. One such application, Eagle Eyes App runs on any of the smart platform and is compatible with almost every device from iPhone and iPad to android or windows based smartphones and tablets.

The Advantages For You

The biggest advantage of these internet based surveillance systems is that these can be accessed from any part of the world. Whether you are at office or on vacation, you can keep an eye on what is happening in your house with live video streaming offered by such software.

With bespoke security systems installed according to your needs and as per the requirements of your place, you can rest assured that nothing goes unnoticed from you. Installing motion sensitive cameras means that you will get an alert every time there is a movement in your house and with live streaming, you can even check whether there is any threat or not.

Not only do these provide a reliable security and protection against any kind of intrusion or burglary attempt, but they also ensure you peace of mind that your house is under your supervision even when you are out. This is very useful in case if both the parents are working and children are left unattended at home.

Adding all these features with the ease of handling and perfection offered by smartphones makes it a perfect option for securing your house. The applications like Eagle Eye App are very easy to use and operate and are really affordable.

If you do not have a CCTV camera package installed at your place, you can get one which supports the use of remote surveillance system and start living without worries. For houses which already have a camera system incorporated, it is possible to change a few components and get a secure house for you and your family.

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