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The concept of home security has changed a lot over the past few years. Now people can’t really rely on the mechanism of security alarms and sirens alone! CCTVs have taken the world by storm. With such a technology, you can have a look at what all is happening in and around your home. This is certainly a great tool that offers immediate access to the events that are occurring within the surroundings of your abode.

But what if you are not at your home? Who will be there to take a look at what’s happening around?

During such a time, you can depend on the reliable ‘Smarter CCTV’ technology that has been introduced by Incontrol.

What it Smarter CCTV

In simple terms, Smarter CCTV is a smarter way of living and home protection. Now, you need not have to worry about the safety of your home when you are away. With your smartphone, you can stay connected to the CCTVs that are installed at your place. The tool will help you to have instant access to your home security system.

Incontrol CCTV has come up with this avant-garde technology through the assistance of AVTech and ‘Eagle Eyes app’. You can download the app directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and get an absolutely great and affordable instant access security system.

Direct Notifications

You will get direct notifications to your smartphone, on the go. This means no matter where you are and what time of the day it is, if there is any problem or possibility of a burglary at your home, then you will get instant notifications. You can even save events through your phone, which will prove to be helpful in finding the burglars.

Whenever you get any such notification, you can ask your neighbours or friends to reach to your home immediately and catch the thieves red-handed. But in case this is not possible, then also with the video saving option, you can help the cops to catch the burglars with ease! Having a proof with you is certainly a great thing!

Why you can’t depend on the other alternatives

There are many cases wherein the CCTV package providers offer low resolution camera, which are extremely poor to record the occurrence of the events in a clear manner. Likewise, there are many cases wherein DVRs are set to 24 hours’ recording. Even this is not much helpful, in case the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are having poor resolution.

Thus, there was a pressing need of a smarter tool, without any doubt. And so, we can say that, the coming of the Smarter CCTV was inevitable!

The Final Verdict

The final verdict is if you need your home to be completely secure and safe from burglars, and wish to keep any eye on what’s happening around your place, then you need to think ahead of time. Now, you can’t simply bank upon the traditional security measures, and have to be smart enough to welcome the smarter ways of home security.

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