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Human psychology says that the one thing we worry about the most is security of our life and that of our loved ones. With the increasing threats to safety due to rising numbers of thefts and burglary in the country, the fear of unfortunate events takes an evident place in our thoughts.

While all are worried, it is sad that not many people take steps to secure their families and end up falling prey to thieves and burglars. Only worrying about the concern and not doing anything to prevent it generates more worries and nothing else.

The well-known writer Christian Nestell Bovee was right when he said, “We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.” The present times call for effective security measures beyond the conventional techniques and strategies. Your old home security systems are no more able to protect you from any unexpected circumstances. It is time you get a smart CCTV package for your place, residential or commercial, to keep a check on the security of your premises.

The advantages of using advanced security systems are:

1. Easy Configuration: Unlike the conventional cameras and alarm systems, the present day models are easy to install and configure. They have camouflage designs which make sure the thief is not able to see and dodge the vision of these cameras. While the common belief is to install the security systems outdoors, they are a giveaway to the burglars as they know which place is being monitored and what areas are left unsupervised. Have the cameras installed in places which are not visible from outside but cover maximum area.

2. Night Vision: The introduction of night vision cameras has changed the standards of security and supervision. While the old security cameras were useless in dark, the new age technology enables equally reliable video coverage even at night. This way the burglars know that they are being watched even in the dark and light less room.

3. Motion Detector: It is probably the most useful advancement in the field of security. With motion detector cameras, no movement in the room is left unnoticed, irrespective of the magnitude of the motion. Not only do these cameras record the happenings, but also ring the siren if the device is programmed to signal whenever there is any movement.

4. Live Video Access: Even with multiple security cameras installed in the house, you can never be sure of safety if you do not know what they are recording. The facility of online video streaming and wireless connectivity allows the present day cameras to transmit the live recording directly to your mobile phone. You can program the security system to direct the video streaming to your mobile phone or tablet computer whenever the motion detector camera notices any unexpected movement or one of your family members presses the panic button.

These are just a few out of the many advantages of ditching your old security system for a new and advanced CCTV package with effective motion sensor, night vision and prompt alarm facilities. Give yourself utmost peace of mind with the right security system. After all, safety deserves no second thoughts!

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