CCTV with line crossing technology

The security cameras are one of the wonders of modern technology, that is fast gaining in popularity, thanks to the countless benefits it has to offer.

 At a time when security cameras are used as a deterrent in the hope that someone is always watching… that someone may not always be who you think it is!

 Most traditional surveillance cameras today have outdated technology which is likely to produce false alarms even if a tree bows in your garden…

And if you want to find a particular event from the recording, you might very well apply for a day’s leave in advance!


 The all new range of surveillance cameras and recorders from Incontrol lets you mark a line in the sand around your property and notify you every time something crosses that line…. even while you’re away!

 What’s more? The smarter surveillance cameras from Incontrol can even determine the size and direction if any object crosses the two lines, thereby preventing any false alarm.

 The best part? Incontrol also offers face detection feature so that you can identify who has been stalking your property!

 And yes, you can easily monitor your surveillance system using any device of your choice… be it mobile or laptop… absolutely hassle free!

 So if you want to relieve yourself from the nuisance of monitoring hundreds of false alerts and scrutiny of CCTV monitors…

Get the all secure surveillance cameras & recorders from Incontrol… NOW!


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