by Fiona Hollis

Porsche Design Studio C Seed 201

The C SEED 201 TV marks a world premiere in private entertainment by taking high-tech TV outdoors.

Spectacular picture quality is provided by a 201-inch (5.11m) 16:9 LED screen.

As host you direct the performance by radio remote control, pressing a button to adjust the screen to the desired height and rotate it to a maximum of 270 degree angle for optimal viewing comfort.

The C SEED 201 packs its ultra powerful technology into a rigorously streamlined aesthetic designed by Porsche Design Studio, a leader in European industrial design. Simplicity of form, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation. When the C SEED 201 unfolds its monumental black panels, its environment is immediately transformed into a stunning sculpture garden.

The Kinematics of the TV

  • Seven LED panels unfold in 25 seconds to create a seamless display.
  • Flexible viewing angles
  • The screen can rotate up to 135 degrees to the left or right for optimum viewing comfort.
  • Adjustable height
  • The screen can be raised or lowered to the optimal height for any occasion.


The international 30-member expert jury at the prestigious red dot product design award, chose C SEED 201 from over 5,500 entries as their

“Best of the Best 2012” winner!



Contact In Control for details on installation.

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