by Fiona Hollis

March 2013, Local company, In Control, was chosen to manage the smart technology installation for Aria House, a brand new development by Zain Homes in South Croydon, located on Biddulph Road, CR2.

Zain Homes is a developer of high tech commercial buildings and up market residential homes. Zains Homes has been involved in new build property of up market homes where smart technology is increasingly popular.

With Aria House, Zain Homes wanted to create a unique local development, so adopted the use of smart technology throughout, including:

  • Remote home access, security – notified of any situation via smart phone or ipad
  • Remote control heating from any location
  • Instant digital entertainment from a central cloud storing music & movies

aria-smallLocal acting estate agent from Streets Ahead, Matthew Couch, commented,

 “Smart technology has been used for a number of years in the high end market of million pound plus houses. We are now beginning to see the technology incorporated into lower value developments”.

Richard Leslie, managing director of home automation company, In Control, explains their role,

Comfort Intelligent Home System was one of the technologies the developers wanted to offer at Aria House. As an authorised dealer of the Comfort Intelligent Home System, In Control was recommended to provide technical consultancy on the integration, and to advance the brief design originally from The Kut Partnership.

We are managing the installation providing design instruction as well as coordinating the works between tradesmen to prevent any overlapping technologies.”

Smart Technology

Comfort Intelligent Home System offers smart home technology allowing the user to control security, access control, heating and entertainment by means of a smart phone or tablet computer.

Heatmiser operates the under floor heating.

Pleasant looking large screen on wall thermostats, with easy to use multi stages on/off times, holiday modes and advance frost protection settings. Heatmiser comes with various options, iPad control or PC control , so you can monitor and control your heating where you are in the world.

Sonos plays music throughout the house.

Playing your music collection has never been so easy. Seamlessly connect to your iTunes collection whether stored on your laptop or a stand-alone network drive. Or why not sign up to Spotify and get all the music  you can handle – all controlled by an intuitive app on your iPad, iPhone or android.

Sonos is leading the way with regards to ease of use digital music.

Richard adds, “Provisions are in place at every apartment for Control4 – which provides one interface screen to control the music, security, heating and access.”

In Control would provide this advanced upgrade directly to the client.


About Comfort Intelligent Home System

A basic home technology package can combine an integrated intruder alarm with full home automation controlling lighting, heating and appliances, curtains, blinds, audio and video all working together in an intelligent way. The system can be controlled from a hand-held keypad at home, from a mobile or smartphone, a wall touchscreen or remotely by computer to check on security or any other feature and look around the house via CCTV.

All the smart home features of the Comfort system can now also be controlled and monitored by an App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can be downloaded free from iTunes by searching for “Cytech”.   Turn up the heating or check security cameras remotely from the iPhone – or send the system a text.

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