One of the first few things that come into our mind while leaving our home is how to keep it protected from the thieves? And to do this, we often tend up making a number of mistakes. The most common mistake that we ought to do is to turn the lights on while leaving the place.

Why do we do it

We do it simply to give an impression to the intruders or all those people who are keeping an eye on our place, that somebody is at home. Most of us have the thought that when the lights are on, then it means people are at home, but this does not work right all the time!

Why is this a mistake

There are many people who are of the notion that leaving the lights when you are not at home, will alert the burglars and is simply an invitation to them for burglary. While leaving lights on is good if it is for a short time span, giving the impression that somebody is actually at home, but keeping the lights on even during the day or for several days, without any movements going on in the house, is really a dangerous activity! Besides this, it wastes a lot of energy as well!

The Right Solutions

With the advancements in almost every arena related to technology, there are quite a number of solutions that you can adopt for a safe and secure home while you are away! The solutions are:

  •   Occupancy Simulators – It would be a great idea if you can give the impression that somebody is at home, even when there is no one! It might be hard to believe, but with the brilliant occupancy simulators that are available in the market at present, you can easily keep your home safe from the burglars.

Such a technique helps in creating a series of events which gives an impression that people are still at home. The events or activities can be – lights turning off and on at regular intervals through motion sensor or automatic timers, curtains moving intermittently, casting shadows through lamps, and so forth. With the help of the occupancy simulation technique, you can rest assured that the housebreakers are going to avoid your place!

  •   Fake TVs – One of the most remarkable options to deter the burglars is to get a fake TV for your place. It simulates the appearance of a TV, making it difficult to think that someone is not at home! The multi-colour LED lights that are given out by such a tool, fake a functioning television. What’s more? It is eco-friendly and is way better than leaving your actual television set on, while going on a vacation!

Summarizing All That’s Been Discussed

To cover up all the points, it can be said that leaving the lights on at your place will not guarantee its safety! What’s important is to go for the modern day solutions that are available to keep your home safe and protected from the thieves.

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