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With the number of mobile phone users almost reaching the total adult population of the UK, the trend for smartphones has seen an amazing hike in the last 3 years. While the number of smartphone users in the beginning of 2011 was 38% of the total cell phone users, the figure has reached to nearly 60.4% in 2013. A recent research by the telecom companies has projected that almost 43.4 million people in the UK will be using smartphones by the end of 2017. This percentage is nearly same in almost all the leading countries of the world.

While most of the people buy these mobile devices due to the incredible integration of almost all the facilities in one compact machine, many still do not use even 10% of the features offered by these devices. If you think that smartphones are made to integrate your e-mailing, social networking and other virtual facilities, it is time you reconsider this definition.

Today, smartphones have come up as a universal remote for almost all the electrical appliances in your house. You can gain control over every inch of your place simply by connecting the machines to this one single compact device in your hand.

Five things which you did not know your mobile phone can do are:

1. Open the garage door: Yes it is an old technology, but now you do not even need to give a missed call to your garage. Simply by a touch, you can open or close the door of your garage and even restrict the entry and exit from the front door of your house. This means you not only get convenience, but safety as well.

2. Turn the lights On/Off: There are many companies which offer lights connectivity with smartphones to allow the users complete comfort and convenience to turn the lights on or off from anywhere in the room. You can also install mood lights or dimming lights and control them via your device to create a perfect ambiance for every moment.

3. Stream CCTV videos: If you have installed any security camera system in your house, you can get the video streaming from these cameras directly to your mobile screen. The best feature of this system is that you can get immediate notification and visual coverage if there is any movement detected by your motion sensing cameras.

4. Control the heating/AC system: Whether you have under floor heating system or centralized air conditioning in your house, you can control it directly from your mobile phone. It is as easy to increase or decrease the temperature with smartphones as it is with the remote control of the conditioning system.

5. Music System and TV set operation: Like any other remote controlled device, television sets and music systems can also be operated by your mobile phone if you get them synchronized. You can turn them on/off, swipe channels, change tracks and other functions just like a remote.

Some people prefer using tablets as the universal remote because of the bigger screen and easy operation. All you need to do is look for a smart online store offering these products and get them interlinked with specially developed programs. Get the complete control of your house at the earliest.

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