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The days of old security systems are gone and you cannot rely on the old age CCTV cameras to secure your place. While they can record every single movement in the campus, it is not feasible to view each and every frame to inspect any unusual happening or detect an intrusion. Also, the most prominent drawback of such security systems is their inefficiency in alerting the house owners about the event at the time of its occurrence.

The rising rate of burglary and theft attempts in the country call for immediate and effective security systems which can provide some assistance in combating such events. The most recent introduction in the field of surveillance is the use of smartphones and real time streaming. Extending the utility of smartphones beyond social networking and browsing, you can now keep an eye on your home by live video streaming from the security cameras, right on your phone’s screen!

In Control offers you to be in control of the safety of your house with Eagle Eyes App, which is tested and trusted by home owners worldwide.

Eagle Eyes App

Whether you are at work or out with your family on a vacation, you are never far away from home, if you have a smartphone and a smarter CCTV keeping an eye on your house. Our Smarter CCTV security package comes equipped with Eagle Eyes App to provide you complete control over your house’s safety. The application runs on all major smartphone platforms and supports almost every device, from mobile phone to tablets.

It is from the testimonials of the hundreds of satisfied customers that we claim Eagle Eyes App to be one of the best remote operated CCTV applications. Easy operation, perfect security and completely reliable – this system is exactly what you need to be in control of safety of your property and, of course, your loved ones!

Nothing Goes Unnoticed

The application works on real time video streaming over the internet which provides feed from the CCTV cameras installed at your place. This way you can stay connected to your house and know what is going on even if you are not inside.

Advanced Yet Simple To Use

It might have taken years for the developers to create the Eagle Eyes App; but you will be perfect in its operation within seconds. Easy as 1 2 3, this application does not require any special knowledge other than the use of smartphones or tablets, whichever device you are using. The system sends notification to your device as soon as it detects any activity which is not expected, and allows you to view the video streaming and decide whether the event is a threat or not.

Why Smarter CCTV

1. Be in control of your house – anytime, anywhere

2. Easy to operate and control

3. Real time notification – within 5 seconds of the event

4. Eliminate the tedious task of browsing through all the video recordings

5. No need of sitting in front of the monitor screen

6. Complete peace of mind

So act smartly and change your old security system with the new age technology of Smarter CCTV!

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