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We all want a house that not only is beautiful and warm, but has unmatched comfort and convenience. While the basic necessities remain the same, interior decoration and utility items have witnessed a great evolution in terms of design, shape and technology. Today, people do not want a place with massive furniture and expensive flooring; instead we prefer having a comfortable place which speaks for our style and preferences. There are a number of contemporary house décor options available in the market which can help you get the perfect house which is smart, not only in looks but in utility as well.

You do not need to adorn your place with diamonds or have robot maids to make it look amazing. All it takes is some imagination, right items and effective installation. The five things that a smart house must have are:

1. Mood Lighting: Probably the outcome of a man’s artistic thirst, mood lighting is the best option for making your house smart. The remote controlled dimming system will not only bring you praises from your guests, but also set the perfect environment for a romantic dinner with your spouse. These are easily available on any online home décor portal and are easy to install as well.

2. Touch Switches: Why install the same conventional power switches and toggle buttons when you can have pure glass finish touch switches for all your electricity outputs. They are available in the normal On/Off designs with single or double switches; the dimmer switches and even the timer controls which can be used as a smart theft deterrent if you plan a vacation.

3. Voice Control: The incredible and futuristic technology shown in bond movies is no more a fantasy. You can get a voice system controlling all the electrical appliances in your house, from lights to the television screen and refrigerator doors. Even the front doors can be connected to the voice control system to prevent any intrusion or theft. There are many online stores selling these voice recognition programs for every house in the UK.

4. In-wall Speakers: While the music is best experienced with heavy bass and jumbo size speakers, most houses in the UK do not have enough space to accommodate these audio amplifiers and speakers. If you are also feeling the space deficiency for your music system, prefer having in wall speakers for your house. They get mounted inside the wall and provide amazing audio experience. While the old houses might have a problem accommodating these speakers as it requires a little bit of renovation, new construction can be designed in such a way that these can be easily installed.

5. CCTV Cameras: Undoubtedly the most important feature of a smart home! Safety is what makes a place smart and this is why you must get your premises completely covered with CCTV supervision. You can install motion detectors and night vision cameras in your house to get the absolute sense of security.

You can easily find these items and other incredible stuff to make your house as smart and comfortable as it can be. There are many online stores selling these products and which even offer the facility of installation. So hurry and give your house a makeover which your neighbours will surely be jealous of!

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