When it comes to security, no amount of measures can provide total peace of mind. People adopt a number of safety precautions, from conventional to modern, to get a satisfaction that their lives and properties are safe from any kind of unforeseen happenings. Some people rely on cameras and security alarms, while others take a more traditional approach by installing fencing and iron grills on windows. Each of these methods adds to the total safety of the house but none can individually suffice for effective security. Also, incorporating all the measures altogether would end up in total chaos, exposing you more towards the chances of theft.

Before installing a security system for your house, it is advised to consult the police officials at a nearby police station. Their experience with thieves and burglars can help you secure your place in the best possible way.

Here are a few tips, trusted and promoted by the cops, which can reduce the risk of any intrusion and burglary:

1. Keep things hidden: Keep the windows covered by curtains or blinds. Visible living area is like a shopping window for thieves and attracts attention. But make sure that the window knobs and hooks are visible so that you know they are intact.

2. Cage the letterbox: The practice of fishing the keys from the letter drop slit is the favourite of burglars. Make sure that you cage the letterbox drop slit from the inside. This will prevent the thieves from running away with your assets, on your own car!

3. Lock your shed: The police has witnessed many cases where the doors and windows have been broken by the tools kept in the house’s garden shed or garage. Make sure you lock all the extensions of your house and do not leave any damaging tools in the open.

4. Strong locks and knobs: Replace the old knobs with strong interlocking handles and deadlock for effective security. Also you must make sure that the front door is not weak enough to be broken by a few kicks or a strong blow of a hammer.

5. Automatic lights: The threat is not much when the house is occupied, but vacant places are more prone to intrusion and burglary. If you are going out for vacation or some important work, make sure you have installed automatic lights with timer controlled power supply. The light at frequent intervals of time will fool the thieves like there is someone in the house.

You can also have strong fences made of metal or solid wood, preferably with a good height which cannot be crossed or the top should be pointed to restrict the thieves from entering. Avoid designer fence or plant covering as it acts as a hiding place for the intruder. Fencing is not only a way of adorning your house, but an effective security measure, if used properly.

These are some of the many tips which can help you get a safe and secure house. So take the right safety measures for your place and sleep well knowing you, your family and your assets are all safe and away from any dangers!

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