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You must have bought your smartphone for entertainment purposes or for basic functionality. But what if you get to know that your smartphone can actually help you in keeping your home protected from the burglars? Great isn’t it?.

Well, like many other UK residents, you would also be worried about the fact that a burglary here occurs once in every minute. Researches have revealed that every hour, there are around 62.5 burglaries occurring in the country, which is certainly a data to be scared of! But just getting scared won’t help. You have to be safe and secure all the time.

Gone are the days when you could rely on the security alarm bells and sirens, now you have to think beyond the ordinary, and that’s why In Control has brought to you – the Smarter CCTV. Be stress free about your home’s safety when you have the revolutionary technology with you. Your home alarm system and CCTV can be easily integrated with the innovative app provided by In Control and you can get instant access security system.

Benefits are numerous!

There are various benefits that you will experience when you have your smartphone working for your home security. Some of the advantages that you can have are:

1. No hassles – You can easily install the ‘Eagle Eyes app’ on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone devices. With AVTech’s DVRs you get prompt access to your CCTVs. There are no hassles that you may have to experience. Everything will work smoothly and you will get the benefit of the ground breaking technology of the contemporary world.

2. Staying safe, all the time – No matter in which part of the world you are staying, there is absolute chance for you to have full control over your home security through the Smarter CCTV. So, if you are out on a trip and are worried about your home’s safety, then this tool will come handy, be it any time of the day!

3. Alarm is not that safe! – There is no denying the fact that there may be false alarms in some cases or there may be times when your security alarm fails to provide the necessary notification. During such times as well, this smart app will help you to keep your home completely secure.

4. Clarity is paramount – There are many CCTV package providers who often provide inexpensive deals that are not worth having at all! If you will get a low resolution camera for your home, chances are that the video surveillance that will be done by them will not at all be effective. So, steer clear from such options as being penny wise and pound foolish is not something to be proud of! After all, what will be the use of such a camera which, in times of need, is unable to provide you clear images of the instances that occurred?

So, go beyond the conventional uses of smartphones and put your device into an extremely productive use with the help of Smarter CCTV!

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