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In Control has been a leading name in home security systems from the time we entered the market. We have helped hundreds of people get a safe and secure place, where they can live with total peace of mind. To give our customers a sense of complete security and safety, we have moved a step further in the quest for a fool-proof surveillance system with Eagle Eyes App.

Working with AVTech, we aim at providing unmatched services and strive hard for innovation in our techniques. We can give you an exclusive and bespoke security system that supports Eagle Eyes App, or synchronize your existing camera package with the app to make it a Smarter CCTV.

Maximum Security of Your Place

With dedicated smarter CCTV for your house, you can be sure of the safety of your loved ones, even when you are away from home. In Control promises a security system which keeps an eye on every action happening inside the premises. You do not miss out on any event, be it a threat or not!

Complete Control Over Your Home Security CCTV

Eagle Eyes App integration makes your security package a smarter CCTV system and offers complete control on your house’s safety, wherever you are. Not only is the system a good theft deterrent, it is undoubtedly a must have if you have small children at home, left unattended. You can rest assured that they are safe as the application will notify you if an intruder or thief tries to break in, or if the kids try to break out!

Intuitive – As Easy As 1… 2… 3…!

True to our name, we want you to be in control of the safety of your place, and this is why we try to keep the system as intuitive as possible. Even the Eagle Eyes App, no matter how complex it sounds, is an easy to operate and provides all the functions at your fingertips.

Intelligent System For Intelligent People

We know how important safety is for you. This is why we have designed the system to be as intelligent as you are! We use various cameras and recording facilities to secure your place. The application keeps an eye on everything, and notifies you immediately when it detects an intrusion.

Independent – It Doesn’t Need Many Things To Work!

The application, like our services, is independent. We take all your worries regarding home security so that you can live with peace. The system works independently and requires only a sound internet connectivity to operate.

Integrated – Offering You Complete Security

Whether you wish for a new security system or plan on improvising the existing one installed in your house, integration is never a problem for us! As long as you have the required hardware, we can provide you a fully-integrated smarter CCTV system so that your home is safe from any unforeseen event.

We boast of unmatched excellence, and put in our best to live up to that promise. Call us to know more about our Smarter CCTV system and how we can help you to get a safer house with complete control at your fingertips.

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