Remote controllers have certainly made our lives a lot easier.
You can use them to control your Security Cameras, HVAC System, Television Box, Home Theatre or even the music & lighting system.

But the sheer number of multiple remotes lying around your house means the idea of locating the right remote for the right appliance is a job in itself… so much that it complicates the whole demography of your desired home technology.

Don’t worry… because we are going to save from these complications by offering you a single one-in-all solution to control your home electronics.

Introducing control4… an easy to fit smart controller that comes fitted with an easy one app control which integrates:
• Your TV
• Your set top box
• Your DVD or bluray
• Your musical streamer
• And your surround sound system
… right to your iPads, iPhones, android smartphones, laptops and tablets!

Some of our exciting features include:
• Display Control4GUI control panel through your TV screen
• Built-in timer to control when to switch on or off your appliances
• Text to speech feature to loudly announce your selections and events
• Mirror your IP CCTV camera display on control4 display
• Play unlimited radio stations through your TV, speaker to sound amplifier
Receive text alerts or email updates while away from home, upon subscription

Wait… There’s more!
You can even try control4 at the South Croydon  richer sounds shop to witness the true power of single controller system for your home gadgets!

Or book a home visit on 0208 763 0739

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