1 in 5 people report having being burgled at some point during their life, while 1 in 4 burglary victims will once again fall victim again in the future.

These startling figures are rising year on year, and not a day goes by when we don’t hear of another nightmare break-in, whether from family or in the media; and sometimes, terrifyingly, burglary turns into something much more serious. Take the tragic case of 35 year old, ex-navy officer Mike Samwell, who was run over and killed by his own car when buglers struck. Or consider the case of 61 year old business man Guy Hedger, who was shot and killed by buglers during the night – neighbours report that this was following the streetlight switch off, which provided the intruders with the pitch black cover of night.
As uncertainty looms for the UK economy, and whilst police budgets continue to be squeezed, it has never been more important to embrace a proactive approach when it comes to the security of your home… especially since just 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries.

Traditional CCTV…
It has some major issues.

False alerts – if you’ve received more than three from your CCTV system, chances are that you’re becoming slightly irritated. One day, you could even ignore an alert that turns out to be accurate.
Or what if something does happen, yet your CCTV lacks alert capability? You not only miss the event, but face winding forwards and backwards to spot the intruder on your arrival home – wasting valuable minutes that could be better spent tracking the buglar down.
Simply put, traditional CCTV systems do not solve the problems you face. But Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) do…

For intelligent home owners.
By stepping forward into the 21st century of CCTV we’ve done away with the problems faced with traditional CCTV systems. This is state-of-the-art technology – the next generation of CCTV that knows the difference between burglar, and animal, between wind and intruder.
Professionally installed by specialist technicians, Incontrol CCTV provides peace of mind and real-time reaction – putting you in the complete picture if and when an intruder attempts to encroach into your personal space to desecrate your life.

We call this technology, InControl CCTV.
Here’s why it’s revolutionary…
✔ Incontrol CCTV provides for video analytics that offer real-time analysis, alerting the local authorities and yourself with accuracy as to what’s happening in your home – features include: motion detection, tripwire violations, abandoned or missing object detection and more, without the need for a dedicated analytics server.
✔ Know exactly when your property was compromised, with line crossing, which allows you to define exact areas of your property.
✔ Automatic face detection captures the intruder’s face and directly sends the image to NVR for instant processing.
✔ Have peace of mind that no matter the light level and conditions, WDR / WDR Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) will always ensure crustal clear imaging.
✔ Gain a video quality in complete darkness that’s exactly the same as in bright daylight, with star light technology.
✔ Never risk missing an intruder due to incorrect camera placement or lenses selection.
The average cost of a break-in totals to £2422 (Office for National Statistics) – with so much to lose, and so much at stake, the question isn’t whether you can afford the compelling benefits of Incontrol CCTV, but can you afford to risk it without it?

Discover InControl UK difference.
Discover peace of mind, robust protection and unparalleled security.

Protect your home. Protect your property. Protect your family.


Infographic: Burglary Statistics in the UK

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1 in 5 people report having being burgled at some point during their life – https://www.churchill.com/press-office/releases/2017/burglary-victims-chance-of-being-burgled-again

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